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My Mission

My mission is to help people create memorable experiences through my live sketching service. Life is all about experiences!. If you choose to have me live sketch at your event you are choosing to have a one of a kind experience that supports a greater mission of representation. 

​Representation is everything. I believe that if you can see her; you can be her. There are very little to no African American live sketch artists; and I want to show future artists if they don't see the future they want they can create it!

Hey Friend,


How exciting! I am over here doing a little happy dance and I hope that you are too!  I’m so glad you’ve found me and took the time to reach out about the potential of working together.

>> Your in the right place if you want to add something special to your bespoke event! I create custom sketches for guests while you dance the night away! All my sketches are digital or watercolor  and your guests receive their sketch once I finish sketching . The fun is creating and catching the likeness of each guest! 

xoxo, Erika

How It Works...

Phase 1:Discover

 Your big day deserves to be immortalized in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind sketch. I pride myself in my ability to capture the essence of every bride and groom and guests. Choose between digital or watercolor mixed media sketches, then let me take care of the rest. My discovery call process is designed to get to know you and your needs so that I can deliver sketches that exceeds your expectations.

Phase 2: Arrival

As a live sketching artist I travel in and out of state to meet the needs of my clients on their special day. I am thrilled to bring creativity to your big day. Arriving early to set up and sketch on site, I will capture the essence of your guests in real-time. My artistic approach combines precision, style, and the energy in the room to make your occasion unforgettable.

Phase 3: Create

By this phase you will be enlightened with ease knowing you guests can dance the night away while a special keepsake that is being created for each them. With my live sketching service, I will create personalized sketches of your guests during your wedding reception. I will work to capture the unique likeness of each person while they have fun and enjoy your special day. Text notifications will inform guests when their sketch is ready for pickup, providing a perfect way for your guests to remember your wedding.

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