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My Mission

My mission is to help brands and people create luxury experiences through my live sketching service. Luxury is not about money. Luxury is all about experience. If you choose to have me live sketch at your event you are choosing to have a one of a kind experience that supports a greater mission of representation. 

Representation is everything. I believe that if you can see her; you can be her. There are very little African American live sketch artists; and I want to show future artists if they don't see the future they want they can create it!

Live Event   Illustration  

Live Illustration Services For Your Event  

Local and Travel Options Available! 

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I enjoy capturing  the likeness of all body types and ethnicities abled or disabled beauty is in all things and all people!

If you cant see the beauty in all things are you really looking?

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Sketching Is My Superpower

Enjoy live sketching at your fashion, charity, bridal shower ,wedding, and or birthday event. This service is bespoke and is my pleasure to capture the likeness of each guest.

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